Wednesday 30th, 7:30pm - Craig Booher
Thursday 31st, 10:30am - Danny Stemen
Thursday 31st, 7:00pm - Tim Pruitt
Friday 1st, 10:30am - Danny Stemen
Friday 1st, 10:30am - Jonathan Martin (Youth Service)
Friday 1st, 7:00pm - Tim Pruitt
Saturday 2nd, 10:30am - Wayne Lawson
Saturday 2nd, 7:00pm - Danny Stemen
Sunday 3rd, 10:30am - Tim Pruitt

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Wednesday supper through Saturday supper
Adult: $5 per meal
Senior: $4 per meal
Children (age 3 to 13): $3 per meal

Discount Meal Packages for all Meals
Family pkg (paents with 3 kids or more): $125
Individual pkg: $35

Area Motels
Quality Inn - $89, (419) 394-2710
America's Best Value Inn - $71.10, (419) 394-2341
Best Western - $80, (419) 738-2050

Campground Accommodation
Dormitories (min. age 14 years): $10 per night
RVs (inc. water and electricity): $20 and up, per night
Tents: $5 and up per night

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