Brother Charles Banda
Charles Banda
Baptisms In Malawi

The following is a recent letter sent in from Brother Charles Banda regarding some baptisms he performed. Brother Charles is a missionary from Malawi and often communicates with Brother Jim Crook informing him of the Lord's work in his area.

Dear Brother Jim,

I Greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are doing fine in the Lord and certainly that don’t mean we don’t have spiritual battles. We are always having them physically and spiritually. But as long as He lives we know everything is going to be OK somehow though we might not understand all things happening around us. I trust that the Lord is with you and blessing you continually.

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The Brothers that were baptized are the ones that I am embracing around the shoulders. From the extreme right, one brother (in a Jacket), then myself, and the other brother in a warm jacket.


I am sending you a video clip of the recent two baptisms that we had. The Quality of the video is not really very good but I just think that you will have a good view of the recent events that we had.

One brother started testifying to some people and they came to me and after I also testified to them we took them to the river for baptism. They were two Presbyterian brothers. After getting baptized they were very much determined to go back to testify to the people that they were congregating with.

Yours in Christ,

Charles Banda.



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